Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tie Dye

Not just for t-shirts.

My coworker swears she's not a baker. I'd disagree. She wanted to do something special when her adorable daughter turned 2. So she tie-dyed a cake.

She practiced with cupcakes and brought them to work for us to try. They looked awesome and were tasty, too. Then she went all out and made a cake for her daughter's birthday party. I didn't get to sample this time, but I saw the pics. So cool. Her daughter is one lucky little lady.

Cupcake test run

Cake 1
Cake 2

I google imaged "tie dye cake" and the results were fantastic. So I got to thinking, if you can tie dye a cake, what else can you do? Let me just say, I have big plans for my 4th of July dessert this year.


  1. This is very cool! But I imagine that it is also very messy... I can envision stained counter tops in my kitchen if I ever attempted a tye-die cake!

  2. You are soo creative with cooking and baking! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. This is so neat! I struggle with plain chocolate box cake so I'm not sure I could handle this, but I am impressed! So fun!