Friday, November 13, 2009


Hey Friends fans, remember the “pivot” episode where Rachel and Chandler tried to help Ross take his new couch up the stairs?

Last weekend we played a round of long distance musical couches and I seriously felt like I was stuck in that episode of Friends – minus the couch cutting catastrophe.

It all started when another fabulous friend/coworker and her husband generously offered us a beautiful, barely used sectional couch and coffee table. All we had to do was drive 2ish hours to pick it up… and find a place for our previous (also nice, but way too small) couch.

Turns out, my mom was ready for a change and wanted our couch for her family room. Check! Now what to do with her previous sleep sofa?

We decided the sleep sofa would be a great addition to my fiance’s family cabin, where the more available sleeping space, the better.

So four houses, three couches, one truck and 250 miles later we completed our weekend of couch swapping. Thank goodness I now have a great new couch to relax on!


  1. Oh My, Oh My, You would need the couch to relax on after all of that. Hope everyone enjoys their new sofa!! By the way that was a great episode of Friends!!!

  2. Pivot...pivot...pivvvvvvvvv ottt!! Great episode. I hope the new couch looks nice, I'm sure it does. It will give you a lot of extra seating when you entertain!