Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who knew the Irish could cook

Last week was my first St. Patrick's Day as an Irish woman (by association). So M and I decided to host an Irish Feast for both of our families at the cabin.

My mom made the appetizers:
Smoked Salmon New Potatoes
Blarney Stone Appetizer

I made our side dishes, with some help from my sis:
Turnip Slaw
Potato and Onion Casserole

M handled the meat:
Irish Pork with Red Cabbage
Homestyle Corned Beef and Cabbage

My M.I.L. made dessert:
Irish Cream Cheesecake

The turnip slaw was a huge hit (and I'm not just saying that because I made it). At first, it seemed like it might be a fail, since I had nothing to shred the turnips with. In the end, I had to settle for a potato peeler.

As it turns out, the potato peeler was an accidental win! The flat, think slices were way better, adding texture and more flavor. In fact, I think I'll always use a potato peeler when making slaw from now on. A new Domestically Deficient trademark, I suppose.

It's always so much fun when our families get together. We're really blessed that our parents and siblings not only get along, but they actually all enjoy each other. I'm just sorry to report my camera battery was dead and I have no pictures from the weekend. It's really a shame, because the food looked (at tasted) delicious. Not to mention M was sporting quite a festive outfit, complete with green suspenders.

Does anybody have an incredible Irish recipe? If so, please share! I'll save it for next year.

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  1. I am ashamed to admin that I don't have a good Irish recipe! I am first generation half Irish and half German so I really should have some good Irish recipes. Shame on me!