Monday, May 24, 2010

You call this roughing it?

Fiance was headed to the Kentucky Derby a few weeks ago for a bachelor party. So being a good wife-to-be, I packed him and his friends a few snacks for the road. I made fruit and pecan granola bars from

Apparently the bars got rave reviews from the gentlemen partaking in the weekend festivities. Fiance got home on Sunday with an endless list of compliments and asked if I would make them again.

The good wife. That’s me. (In four months.)

Well, this weekend Fiance’s best friend celebrated his 30th birthday – on the Delaware River. They went canoeing until they reached an island where they set up camp for the night. No beds. No bathrooms. Not even a car.

This is the type of thing Fiance loves to do – and usually does with his guy friends. So when I saw that the E-vite was sent to guys AND girls, I got really nervous. Would he expect me to go with him?

Turns out he knows me better than I sometimes give him credit for. He’s well aware that I function best when my nights are spent in the great indoors.

But I couldn’t help feel a little guilty. Perhaps I should have sucked it up and went with. What would you have done?

I'll leave you with this Troop Beverly Hills flashback.
You call this roughing it?
One bathroom for nine people? Yes.

P.S. I tried that fruit and pecan recipe again. But second time I was overly confident and breezed right through it, forgetting that table spoon of flour at the end. If you were wondering – yes – it is an important ingredient.

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