Saturday, May 15, 2010

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I may have mentioned when I started blogging that I was busy working full-time, going to grad school part-time, planning a wedding, fixing up a house, and filling our calendar with endless weekend trips. I was literally drowning in my own life (and loving every second of it). The experiences were great – I just didn’t have time to tell you about them.

While on my blogging hiatus quite a lot has happened. I had a few more laundry fails. First. The set tub. During the “snowpocalypse” in Pittsburgh, Fiance was shoveling snow constantly. So one morning he left his jeans hanging over the edge of the set tub to dry before he’d need them again in a few hours. Let’s just say after Domestically Deficient did a load of laundry they were even more soaked (not to mention full of soap bubbles) than they were post shoveling. Hey – ya win some, ya lose some.

After that, Fiance decided to make the laundry his jurisdiction. A-ok with me! But he was working late one Thursday evening and I desperately needed some clean undies to pack for that weekend’s trip. So I shoved every dirty something I could find in the laundry machine (as you may recall, I don’t believe in sorting). Problem: I left the setting on ‘small load’ when it really should have been set to ‘this load is wayyy too big for an industrial machine.’ I’m still not quite clear on exactly what happened, but somehow I shorted a circuit and broke the darn machine. Fail. Again….

I also screwed up a meal or two, and at one point let the house get dirtier than I care to admit. But I had a few wins as well.

I pulled off my first successful dinner party around Christmas time. Granted, I was entertaining my brother-in-law-to-be and his sweet girlfriend, so it’s not like it was a tough crowd to please.

I also had my future in-laws over for dinner. Aside from dinner being ready over an hour later than expected, it was a pretty great night. Again, not a tough audience to please.

And just this morning I had my parents over for breakfast. I made broccoli quiche, breakfast potatoes with green onions and asparagus and added some fresh melon and coffee to complete the meal. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

P.S. Check out my Emma dishes from Pottery Barn. Love them!

Stay tuned for an update on the wedding planning.

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  1. Hey, But what about the great paint job... Is it an M or W you are suppose to paint first? And does it really matter. Ask that to Big Ben?