Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is everybody watching this January?

I work out at in my parents' basement before work, so I NEED to keep material on their DVR to motivate me to get out of bed at 6 am every morning.

Currently scheduled to record:
I've started watching My Strange Addiction, but it's not as great as I thought it would be. And -- I'll admit -- when the pickings are really slim, I record Keeping up with the Kardashians. They're actually not bad to watch while working out.

It may seem like a lot, but some of those shows are reserved for watching at night with M. Plus, you burn through shows fast when you're watching an episode of something every morning while rocking the elliptical.

So tell me. What are your favorite shows? Guilty pleasures encouraged!


  1. I too enjoy Teen Mom and Teen Mom2 also the office, how i met your mother, the big bang theory and glee!

  2. I fell in love with The Walking Dead this fall. The second season is coming in late 2011. Other than that, there isn't too much on tv that I make sure to watch. Usually something on HGTV or Law and Order reruns will do.

  3. Southland! It's on tnt and it's really good!

  4. Don't be ashamed about watching the Kardashians they are SO funny! I will tell you what I have recently started watching that I am not at all proud of......Jersey Shore. It is so stupid, but I still find myself being sucked in. Like I said I am not proud of it, but it is what it is.

    P.S. It might be good to work out to because it is pretty brainless so you don't have to worry about missing something important.