Monday, January 24, 2011

What the -bleep- is a ham bone?

If you recall, M. and I have soup night every week. You may also remember M’s favorite soup is split pea and ham. I’m not big on ham, so it’s not something I’ve ever had a desire to eat.

But being the good wife that I am, I decided I’ll give it a whirl. I went to the grocery store on Saturday to get the supplies. On the list: a ham bone. I headed to the meat section. Beef. Chicken. Pork. Lamb. Bacon. Sausage. Fish. More chicken. Chicken. Chicken. Ham! Finally! Boneless. Boneless. Boneless. Sliced ham with bone. Where are the darn ham bones!?

I rummaged around that section for 20 minutes and saw no sign of anything that said “ham bone.” So I picked up the slice of ham (with a bone in the middle) and decided it will have to do.

Next item on the list: split peas. Crap, forgot to get those when I was in the produce section, so I went back. Snow peas, snap peas. Where in the world are the split peas?! Then it clicked – maybe split peas aren’t fresh, perhaps they’re canned. Over to the canned goods aisle. Still nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

I’m still not sure how I noticed it, but eventually I discovered split peas come in a bag like rice. Who knew?

I’m planning to make the soup tonight. Let’s hope cooking it goes better than shopping for it. And for the record – I’m still not exactly clear on the definition of a ham bone. Nor do I know where you can buy one.


  1. I'd never thought about it but I guess a ham bone would be kind of hard to find in the stores unless you bought the ham to go with it.

  2. You are a brave soul!! Would love to know how the soup turned out :)

  3. Split peas in the produce section is pretty funny! I think you can get a ham bone from the meat counter, just ask the meat dudes!

  4. I think walking regularly helps with whole easytone experience lol They are extremely comfortable and I felt like it toned my upper legs and tush a bit. They are $100 but now that I know that their customer service is accomodating then I would recommend them!

  5. You still have your title as Domestically Deficient with this one...It was probably delicious. You just don't like ham and use to spit out peas as a baby!