Friday, June 18, 2010

A Laundry Machine?

Can you refer to a washer or washing machine as a laundry machine? I'm seriously asking.

Last week I was out to dinner with my mom and a bunch of her friends. They were laughing with me (or maybe at me) about all of my domestic fails. They found the tales of my laundry inadequacies especially entertaining.

They were also amused -- and a bit flabbergasted, it seemed -- that I was referring to the machine by the incorrect name.

So the jury is out. Please deliberate. Is it acceptable to call a washing machine the laundry machine? Or am I really out on a limb with that one?


  1. Ive never heard it called a laundry machine but I dont know why you couldnt call it that. Its the same thing pretty much!

  2. I think laundry machine could refer generically to either a washer or dryer. As in "My laundry machines are in the basement." Makes sense to me!