Friday, June 4, 2010

Work that sledge hammer

I’m really, really lucky to have a very handy Fiance and Father – and they work well together. Since we moved in, we’ve really put a lot of sweat equity into the place. When I say “we” I originally thought that would mean Fiance and my dad. As it turns out “we” actually includes me.

Some say I have a type-A personality, and I don’t disagree. To keep our projects on track, I made a list of everything we wanted to do and then assigned deadlines. The final deadline being the first week in August when all of my friends are coming to town for my shower.

I’m actually surprised we’re on track, considering how many weekends we spent away, how many nights Fiance worked late while I was in class, and everything else we had going on with our families, wedding planning and work.

So Fiance & Dad spent Memorial Day weekend working on the kitchen/dining room and were kind enough to trust me with the sledge hammer. I was tooting my own horn, claiming that manual labor must be my calling, when I stood up a bit too quickly and smashed my head on the oven hood. After that, I was assigned a lovely forest green hard hat for the remainder of the project.

Now we just have to lay new floor and paint. I can't wait to get the gross pinky/peach color off the walls.

Fiance & Dad hard at work
Thanks for cooking all weekend, Mom.Wasn't kidding about that hardhat

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  1. Great Pics!! Can definitly relate to you on the list-making!! Can't wait to see the finished product from all of your hard work!! You have been quite the busy girl!