Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Wedding Weekend

We dedicated last weekend to our house. Now this weekend will be dedicated to wedding stuff.

Today we're meeting with the church musician to pick out our ceremony songs. I already have a pretty good list, but I'm eager to hear what else the musician suggests.

This also got me thinking of reception songs. I'm putting together a dinner playlist. I have a good handle on it, but would greatly appreciate any recommendations.

Saturday night we'll be doing some work on Fiance's cabin -- the scene of our country casual rehearsal dinner hoedown. Sometimes I think that party might actually be more fun than the wedding.

Then on Sunday we're taking engagement pics. I didn't particularly want to do this, but it's part of our wedding photography package. Plus the photographer wants to work with us prior to the wedding so everybody is comfortable on the big day.

I'll admit, I'm not taking the photo shoot too seriously. We're just planning to have some fun with it. Weather permitting, we might even paddle around in Fiance's canoe instead of traditional studio shots. I've yet to ride in his canoe, so this could be interesting.

At some point, I'm also hoping to squeeze in time to research things we must see and do while we're on our honeymoon in Hawaii. I've heard you have to book some things prior to arriving on the island, so I don't want to miss any opportunities.

Has anybody ever been to Maui? I'd appreciate any advice, recommendations, travel tips, etc.

So I need dinner song recommendations and Hawaii advice. Ready, go!


  1. In response to the lovely comment you left me=)
    Yeah, I think you would be alright with adding M&Ms. Maybe use the mini ones and just be careful on how much you use!!
    Hope that was helpful.

  2. Hawaii sounds like a nice place to go on your honeymoon! When is the wedding day?

  3. Hawaii is an awesome place to honeymoon! Garth and I went and it was truly paradise! We miss it and can't wait to go back!