Wednesday, August 4, 2010

About that Pie

I mentioned the peach pie I made for our Fourth of July weekend festivities. It was only the second fruit pie I ever tackled and it was a big hit.

The first one, however, didn't go exactly according to plan. I accidentally purchased all white peaches instead of orange peaches. I didn't really know there was a difference and just picked up what looked like a peach to me. [Side note: I recently went to the store to purchase an orange for a muffin recipe and instead came home with a small, brightly colored grapefruit. I thought it could have happened to anyone. Fiance assured me it wouldn't.]

Back to the peaches. I got home and started pealing them before I realized my mistake. I forged on anyway, figuring if the pie bombed, it would just be another domestically deficient tale to tell. Turns out the white peaches actually were okay. My mom even said it was the best peach pie she'd ever had.

Last weekend, I made what I now refer to as my peach pie again, but this time I combined half orange peaches and half white. It was by far the best out of three. I highly recommend surprising your pie eating friends with a lovely peach blend.

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