Friday, August 27, 2010

What do you do when there's too much to do?

Leave town!

The wedding is rapidly approaching. September 25 -- less than a month away! So with a million and one things to do at home (plus class started again this week), Fiance and I are instead traveling. You know, because we have so much time to spare.

Our friends got married in Napa on August 14, so we packed our bags and headed to California for five days.

The highlights:
  • The wedding, of course! It was more like a cocktail reception with dinner on a beautiful balcony at the Avia Hotel. It was unique and really fun.
  • Brunch at Ad Hoc. The chef is incredible.
  • A visit to the Full House house, as well as to the park where a scene from the theme song is filmed. There's a difference. See pictures below.
  • Alcatraz. I've done the tour before, but it was Fiance's first time. We both loved it.
  • Finace's 30th birthday! We had to celebrate night before at Will's Fargo, because we spent basically his entire birthday flying home from San Francisco. Does anybody else think it's kinda funny that he lost three hours of his 30th b-day to a time change?
At the Franciscan Winery

Picking and eating grapes. Yum!

It has a fresh coat of paint and a new door, but this is the actual Full House house.

This is from the theme song, but none of these belong to the Tanner family.

A cell at Alcatraz where an inmate tunneled through the vent to escape along with two other prisoners. They were ever seen again, nor were their bodies discovered.

Enjoying 17 mile drive. Foggy, overcast and quite chilly -- but still beautiful.

I climbed a rock mountain.

The Lone Cypress inspired the Pebble Beach Company logo.

This weekend we're off to Shenandoah for our annual hiking, apple picking and winery visiting trip. This will be the fourth year and each time we've stayed in a different spot. Fiance always spends a lot of time researching the perfect place and he never fails to amaze me with his selections. I'm especially excited about this year -- we're staying at a Vineyard Bed and Breakfast. Bed, Breakfast and Wine -- how perfect is that!?


  1. What a fun vaca!! Great pics and I would love to see the Full House house someday, one of my favorite shows as a kid! Good luck and enjoy your last month as a bachelorette:)

  2. Thanks for your comment, how fun that we will have the same anniversary! Congrats and all the best for a wonderful wedding day.

  3. Definitly nice to be in NY! My bag made it through one flight then when boarding in houston to newark ( a pretty big flight) they grabbed it and said they would put it under and I could pick up in Syracuse booo oh well, I only packed one small carryon suitcase with only three pairs of shoes for three weeks im quite proud lol have a great weekend!